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Curriculum-Credit Course-Course of Master

Course of Master -
Research Methods (3)
Interdisciplinary Research in Performing Arts (3)
Seminar on Theory of Aesthetics (3)
Seminar on Performing Arts (3)
Computer Music (3)
Advanced Computer Music (3)
Seminar onContemporary Music (3)
Contemporary Music Analysis (3)
Tonal Music Analysis (3)
Fugue (3)
Piano Accompanying Collaborative Performing Art (3)
Performance and Interpretation of Piano Works (3)
History of 20th Century Music (3)
Classical Music History (3)
Baroque Music History (3)
Romantic Music History (3)
Seminar on Opera (3)
History of Opera (3)
Style and Interpretation of Vocal Works (3)
Seminar on String Music (3)
Seminar on Choral Conducting and Works (3)
Seminar Topics on Wind Music (3)
Seminar on Orchestral Conducting and Works (3)
Development and Application of Percussion Instruments (3)
Compositional Arrangement for Percussion Music (3)
Individual Study (3)

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