Facilities and Resources

            The Department of Music at NTUA is committed to offering our students access to the full scope of musical equipment and to state-of-the-art facilities necessary to foster their development as well-rounded musicians.  We are continually working to improve our equipment and facilities, which currently include the following.

            Our instrument collection boasts forty-five grand pianos, thirty upright pianos, three harps, two harpsichords, and a complete woodwind, brass, and percussion collection.

            We offer practice, instructional, and performance spaces where students can hone their talents.  A total of sixty practice rooms and classrooms, all WiFi-equipped, are available for individual vocalists and instrumentalists as well as small ensembles.  Our practice facilities also include a harp room and a percussion room.  Four large classrooms, each seating twenty to thirty students, are equipped with stereo sound systems, e-learning systems, overhead projection, and two grand pianos.  And our fully-equipped recording studio and concert hall are ready for when practice turns to performance.

            Our library collection—which is available to all students, alumni, faculty, and staff—includes more than 180,000 volumes, 22,000 audiovisual works, and 6,000 musical scores.  You can find details about the library at http://lib.ntua.edu.tw/ct.asp?xItem=63902&ctNode=562&mp=2.